• 2 thin slices home made seed bread (recipe link above) or use a bagel thin
  • 1 large egg fried
  • 3 half slices bacon, pan fried
  • 3 slices avocado (about 25 grams)
  • 2 slices tomato
  • lettuce
  • 1 T Kraft olive oil mayo
  • 1/2 T yellow mustard
  • lots of fresh ground pepper to taste
  • 1/4 t garlic salt


  1. While I'm frying my eggs and bacon slices, I take what would be one slice of my homemade bread (they are pretty thick per serving) and slice it in half to make two thin slices of bread and get them toasted. Or just pull out a bagel thin and pop it in the toaster.
  2. When everything is cooked up, spread half of your sauce on one of the pieces of toast. Put your fried egg on it, add your sliced tomato, sliced avocado, three half pieces of bacon, and your lettuce. Spread the other half of your sauce on the top piece of toast and put it on top!

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